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Globe Sailing Brokerage is part of the Globe Sailing International Group. We exclusively focus on trading boats and providing personalized consultancy on nautical matters.


Thanks to our loyalty towards our clients and our presence to accompany them in their nautical experiences, we have managed to build up a high quality listing of boats whose stories are well known. Our objective is to be able to participate with you in the purchases and sales that you will have throughout your nautical life. Find and buy your boat with us, we know that each sale is different and each person has its own process, we respect them.


Romain Gindre is the founder of Globe Sailing. As a nautical professional since his early twenties, he has an extensive sailing experience. He started as a skipper and sailed more than 180,000M mainly in sailboats and catamarans from 40 to 90 feet.

In 2007 he co-founded the Globe Skipper company which in 2012 has become the current International Globe Sailing Group, with headquarters in South America, Florida and Europe.

Throughout his career, he has always brought a special attention to his customers and the quality of the services, which allowed him to gain the trust of his clients and to create a wide network of reliable suppliers.

With the creation of Globe Sailing Brokerage, the Group is responding to our customers´ needs.

Romain Gindre, Globe Sailing CEO, introduce the new brokerage services of Globe Sailing International group.


Lima - Perú

Cartagena - Colombia

Florida - USA

Quito - Ecuador

Europa - Francia


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